Divine Goddess

online healing

This is my new offering to share with you, an online healing session (via skype) thats completely one-on-one with you in your own home. I am bringing my heart and soul and my healing space to you. This offering is deeply embedded in my beautiful heart, connected to my soul, and honestly I feel like I am releasing my baby to the world!


I have been working with Doterra Oils for almost three years now and since using essential oils, I have had the most pronounced shifts in my life. I have deepened my connection to myself, source and our beautiful mother earth. 


Now I wish to share this shift with you, to deepen your connection and relationship to the oils and to the divine feminine within. 

reconnect with the untamed version of "you"

The purpose of this online healing session is to reconnect you to the divine feminine presence that is inside each of us. 


So much of being a woman means to see, to feel, to touch and to nurture.


As a woman, it's easy to find yourself feeling lost, alienated from self.  In these sessions you can journey back into your wildness, sit with yourself, breathe back into innocence, and feel all the joy in your heart again. 


Through these online healing sessions, allow me to remind you of the strength that lives within you, and the connection you have with the divine.


Let me show you the way back into your most fulfilling form as the divine goddess you are. 

Let It Shine

I want to remind you of the vastness of your being before we got lost lost in the small box of what we have been taught as woman.


When we are children, we are young, wild and free to feel all the joy within our hearts.  As a child, life is magical and indeed adventurous.  We allow our imaginations to run wild, we love without reservation and unconditionally and most importantly we love ourselves.


As children we spoke our truth and didn't care about what others thought about it.  As little girls we admired our beauty in the mirror.


However, as we get older, sometimes starting as young as 6-7 years old, we start to mix with others and their values, morals and opinions.  We begin to feel the pressure society places upon us.


We listen more to the way others speak about themselves and others. This begins a shift and we start to lost touch with that innocent feminine truth within us.



"Jess is an amazing space holder. Not only did I feel seen, heard and held, but I also felt deeply understood and witnessed in my experience for the first time in a while.


It soon became clear to me where I had been leaking my precious energy which allowed me to set firmer boundaries around my time and space."



In This Healing Session:

We will begin this session with a gentle process to bring you into the space and then I will use aromatic kinesiology to discover an essential oil that is perfectly matches for where you are emotionally in that moment.


Because you are a lover of essential oils , we will use the blend most suited to match what you have already with you at home, and we can determine how long you may need to use these oils.


This may vary from a few days to a month, each session is completely different and uniquely yours


Next after having made a connection to your energy, I then consult my Oracle cards, this cards are a validation of sorts generally connected to either your healing session or message for you.

Special Intro Price of $110 (save $40) or (will be $150)

"I was lucky enough to experience a 1:1 Divine Guidance session with Jess and I have to say, it was an incredible experience! The session came at a time where I definitely needed some divine guidance in my life and I loved Jess's gentle approach throughout the session.


I felt very comfortable and heard. The insights that came through on the call we crazy accurate and came with lots of messages and recommendations that I could implement in my life. I especially loved the work that we did with the essential oil and loved that I could continue to do the work after our session.


I would highly recommend Jess to anyone looking for some divine guidance in their life!"