Womens Circle

In May 2017 I attended a week of women's circle training in Melbourne with Sora Surya No. It was seriously one of the best weeks of my life!! 


I returned home from the training inspired and ready to facilitate women's circles of my own. 


What is a Women's Circle?


At its very core, a sacred circle of women is an opportunity to be loved and held in a way that only women can provide.


The circle itself represents a sacred symbol that has been honoured throughout time. It is a reminder of the sacredness of the circle of life, the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, the sun, moon, stars, and earth, all things round.


As women, we shine on connection with like-minded souls. 

We desire other women around us who are able to understand, empathise and relate to where we are at on our path. When we are being held and supported, we heal a little deeper and rise a little higher. This is where Sisterhood comes in. 


I believe with all my heart in the empowerment, understanding and authentic connections that are developed through joining hands and rising both for the individual and the collective.


I am so unbelievably excited about what is to come, the sisterhood we can create with women in Gippsland.

My greatest desire is to inspire women to embrace their inner beauty and allow their light to shine. 


Women's Circle South Gippsland

Manna Gum Neighbourhood House Foster

Believing in empowerment, understanding and authentic connection

between women.


5 sessions held on Wednesday 20 February, 6 & 20 March, 3 & 17 April,

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $100


Join authentic Gippsland women inspiring each other to connect. 


Women's circles have the power to transform the world!


Gathering together locally to inspire a world of change.