My year of 34

My friend Tess shared her 2018 highlights a few weeks ago and I loved it! 

I am now sharing my year of 34! 

It has been a big year of change, letting go, grief, happiness, feeling into new surroundings, finding peace, being content and 100% present, starting over, deeper connection to nature, Dave and our children. We have made so many memories.

Here are a few highlights of the year of 34

My best book.... The lost flowers of Alice Hart.

best movie... A star is born!

Best coffee.. the coffee that gets delivered to me in bed, made with love by my man 😍

Best advice received.... follow your heart and shine your light.

Greatest learning ... live in the present

The best workshops attended... Aromatic Kinesiology 

The best holidays - in the caravan with my family.

Best outdoors experience - hiking at the Prom 

Best indoors experience - connecting in circle with women.

Best surprise - my white opal rose gold ring for our 6th anniversary gift.

Most useful gift received - my keep cup

The best family get togethers - early christmas camping at the Prom 

Great success... taking the biggest step in our families life and making the seachange. 

Best laugh - oh gosh life is about laughing and having fun

Best song - This lil light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine 💫

Biggest challenge - starting over in my business

Best decision - to take my time settling in here and allow myself to be present and content.

Biggest regret - not being able to take my healing room with me.

Best question posed to me...

Best business result - launching my online divine goddess healings and starting my womens circles.

Best restaurant - 1914 cafe and bar in Erica

Best buy.. books, oracle cards, oils, tibetan singing bowl 

Best feeling - kindness, acceptance and love

Best fuckup - hmmmm Dave calls me sex fingers cos I am impatient and break things 🤣

Best discovery - the local library

Biggest disappointment - having to start over in my business 

Biggest cry - missing my friends back home especially herb! 

Biggest failure - being hard on myself

Biggest relief - that the girls love life by the sea

Best meal - meals shared with family and friends

Best beach - Waratah Bay

Most treasured moment - allowing myself to be the divine rebel I am 

Greatest joy - to support others to love and accept themselves truly & to radiate their heart-light!

My best practice - taking time out for me and allowing myself to be in the moment 

Most grateful ... for my husband, daughters, son, family and friends old and new

My new year starts here - my mantra for the year of 35

I walk my path with love, grace and gratitude truly connected to my soul and welcome guidance from the universe and my spirit team. I am a divine woman with a rebel heart.

My mission this year is to connect with other rebel hearts and make many more wonderful memories.

Happy Birthday to Me 


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    Wendy hogan (Monday, 25 February 2019 19:31)

    Beautiful jess