shine in the essence that is uniquely you..

I am Jess Johnson

After year of trying to find out who I am I discovered that I am a splenic projector in human design (there is so much more than that) for me though It was a penny dropping moment and the more I discover about myself the more I think everyone needs to know!


How would you like to know what your energetic blueprint is and be handed the key to the box that is uniquely you!


Perhaps you are moving through something and require soul guidance and healing whether that be online/distant/in person. I have a forever growing and changing tool box with an array of tools including intuitive soul guidance, reiki, aromatic kinesiology, card readings, massage and Uniquely You human design readings.


My purpose here in this space is to share the authentic me and tune in to the essence of you. Together we go on a soul deep journey and emerge like a lotus out of the murky pond waters.

I am a channel and vessel with divine wisdom flowing through me. I morph, grow and change often. 

I accept this is the very unique essence of me and I would love nothing more than to share my world with you.