Distance Reiki

The intention behind the distance reiki sessions is to activate healing within you by moving energy throughout your body, supporting you to bring awareness to and trust your own inner guidance and guide you with detailed channeled notes, prompts and questions for you to continue your own healing beyond the session.

My desire throughout the distance reiki sessions is to empower you to recognise your own ability to heal yourself. The distance reiki is performed while you are resting or sleeping. Please allow approximately 40 minutes for the first part of the session and 40 minutes for the second part.

Reiki is an intelligent healing energy that is available in abundance across the universe.


Rei = Universal & Ki = Life force energy


Whether your reason for seeking Distant Reiki is physical or emotional, it can help on all levels …

Reiki is a 1:1 practice which activates healing throughout your body and energetic field, supporting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

During the distance reiki sessions, I sit with you and your energy, sending reiki energy throughout your chakra system your energetic body I cleanse and clear energy throughout your chakra system and the energy centres. While channeling guidance to further support healing beyond the session while you relax and receive in your own space. 

Reiki feels different for everyone, you may feel like you’re in a bubble of absolute bliss, you may feel physical sensations throughout your body, you may receive downloads and see visualisations connecting to your inner guidance, you may fall asleep, you may feel emotions come to the surface that are ready to be released - it is an individual experience and it is completely safe. 

This is a 2 part healing session.

Following the session you'll receive a voice message either on whatsapp or voxer I will advise what came up during the healing and channel any further wisdom., any oracle card messages and other tools recommended to work with.  

Within 48 hours of your session we will connect via phone or video call to unravel and ripple further into the healing session and explore what is sitting on your heart and any questions you may have moving forward. 

Once booking is confirmed, you will be sent through an information pack explaining what to expect from the session in detail. I will send you a playlist to listen to during the session and information to ensure you are fully open to receive during our distance reiki session.