Reiki is an intelligent healing energy that is available in abundance across the universe.


Rei = Universal & Ki = Life force energy


Come sit, lie down, relax and let Reiki help you. Whether your reason for seeking Reiki is physical or emotional, it can help on all levels … mind, body and spiritual.


Some people may think they need to be unwell or have ‘something wrong’ that needs fixing before having Reiki. This may be the case but not necessarily as Reiki healing is a great way to maintain our bodies’ natural harmony.


Reiki was re-discovered in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui as a healing technique that assists with stress reduction and promotes relaxation.


With the ‘laying on of hands’, an invisible life force energy is drawn through the body that helps us feel more alive, balanced and well. When our life force energy is low, then we are more prone to illness and stress-related conditions. But when our energies are in harmony we are capable of greater health and happiness.


Different people experience different sensations during their Reiki healing treatment.


Some report warmth or a gentle tingling. You may also find that your stomach gurgles and even that your body ‘jumps’ during the treatment. You may find yourself having an emotional release. 


All of these are perfectly normal responses to Reiki.


A Reiki treatment can create a radiance that you’ll find deeply relaxing, even to the point of falling asleep.