Aromatic Kinesiology®

Robbi Zeck the most amazing woman I have ever met and has been my mentor on my journey of learning Aromatic Kinesiology® Robbi Zeck ND is a facilitator, personal coach and kinesiologist based in Ballarat Australia. 


My life has changed because of Robbi Zeck and  Aromatic Kinesiology®. Robbi looked deep inside my heart and soul back in January 2016 at AK1 and I haven't been the same since. Robbi saw in my heart what nobody else ever has. I love and accept myself. I trust and believe that I am worthy and I am immensely grateful for the love and support I received during our time together.


The Aromatic Kinesiology® processes open our hearts in a gentle and nurturing way.  I am filled with love, grace and gratitude for each and every woman I have spent time with at aromatic kinesiology workshops and also to the women who show trust me to hold space for them and ignite their beautiful inner lights. 

What Is  Aromatic Kinesiology® ?

Aromatic Kinesiology® is an empowering system of energetic medicine, developed over a 14 year period by Robbi Zeck ND, that blends the harmonising influences of essential oils with gentle healing techniques to balance the emotions, transform stress and create wellbeing.


 Aromatic Kinesiology® synthesizes concepts from many systems of healing, including psychology, Indian chakra and Chinese five element systems, aromatherapy and affirmations and uses kinesiology muscle testing as a biofeedback tool, to assist in reframing emotional issues and transforming patterns of limitation.


When emotions are harmonised with the effects of essential oils strong intention and genuine heart, the body gently responds as it was designed to be a self-restoring network.


 Aromatic Kinesiology® is a gentle, yet powerful healing journey of personal renewal that will enhance the spirit, look and feel of your life, using essential oils as potent aromatic anchors, to restore balance and facilitate positive change.


Why I love it...


I am so passionate about  Aromatic Kinesiology® and the emotional shifts that occur. 


Emotional healing is such a beautiful and necessary process and something everybody needs to do for themselves.

We ALL have emotions, we ALL have buried the to hard to deal with below the surface and often when we do that it manifests physically in the body as well.


This can be physical ailments, IBS, jaw pain, cold sores, tight neck and shoulders, bursitis, fibromyalgia, ear ache, high blood pressure, candida, kidney issues and so on...


I am sure you have all experienced at times in your life resentment, grief, stress, anxiety, broken heart, low self esteem, body image issues and the list can go on.


You don't need to carry it around with you.


Together we can start to peel back the layers, ignite and expand the heart light and get you shining back out in the world as the beautiful woman you are.


If you have nodded your head many times whilst reading or felt the pull to do something like this for yourself I would love to see you.