Monthly Prom Hikes

I can wholeheartedly say that so much is gained for each of the women who come on the hikes. Soulful conversations, 1:1 connections between everyone as we often walked in pairs and switched up who we were walking with throughout the hike. A bit of puffing, sweating, ooooing, aaaaahhhhhing, listening to bird song, taking in the amazing views, witnessing whales swimming out at sea, coming across wombats and wallabies, swapping of recipes as we sampled all the yummy morning tea treats after the hikes.
One thing I heard often on the hikes was how mum's in particularly do not take time out for themselves enough. A few mum's on the hikes have penciled the dates in their diaries as non negotiable because of how the hike makes them feel, and let me tell you it is not because of the huffing and puffing. It is because they make this time for themselves to connect with other women.

Come along, come alone or bring a friend you are most welcome to join us we usually meet at the Yanakie Hall at 9:30am we all bring something to share for morning tea and carpool down to the hike.

We hope to see our regular hikers and new faces this year. 

See the hike dates below - save the image and pop them in your diary. You can also join our Monthly Prom Hike facebook group to stay up to date with our hikes, share photos and connect with our hiking community.


It's important to keep refilling your cup ~ so that you have much more to offer to everyone else in your life...


I really enjoy the monthly prom hike and clear the calendar to make sure I can go

I like the easy going banter and fantastic people I have met . Not to mention the spectacular views thanks Jess! - Tracey


“The monthly prom hike has been a wonderful experience. I’ve loved joining a group of women who have taken the time to meet new people and exercise in a fun way! With new hikes every month, it was an adventure. Jess was a caring hike leader who made everyone feel welcome and nurtured, as only she can. I made sure to take time out and priorities them for the year, as I didn’t want to miss out on one. Already looking forward to more hikes in 2020.” Eimear M


I was never much one for hikes or intense exercise for that matter but these hikes are just amazing. I missed the first few because I thought that nature and hiking weren't really my thing, but now I love it! I love spending time with these amazing women and the places we have hiked to and seen are simply stunning and great for the soul. So glad Jess finally gave me the kick up the butt I needed to experience it for myself. - Cassy S