one on one immersion to connect in with your soul

Soul Guided Immersion is for high vibing empowered women who are on the path of self illumination, this is for you if you;

  • are willing to be led by your body and your souls plan (not what your mind desires)
  • are ready for growth and transformation
  • are ready to embrace something new and a new way of looking at your soul path
  • are prepared to do the homework and shift away from the old and into the new
  • trust intuition, spirit and the higher realms

The women who will say yes to Soul Guided  Immersion have shone the light into parts of themselves and are now ready to explore those parts deeper.

how it works






Soul Guided Immersion is a 3 month transformation where we spend 2 hours together a fortnight over 3 months.


Each immersion connecting in with parts of you wishing to be seen, raised and nurtured.


Between immersions, you will receive contemplation tasks and tailored resources to dig deeper on your soul path. You will also have exclusive access to me via whatsapp or messenger.


I am the bestie in your back pocket cheering you on in all areas of your life.

You are now in my inner circle!

how we journey together

During the Soul Guided immersion we will dive into the essence of who you were born to be when you came through the portal into this lifetime.


We will shine a light on your inherent gifts and allow them to anchor into existence.


We will dive into the shadows and learn to accept the gifts the shadow brings.


We will embrace the higher purpose of your being.


Soul Guided can see you at your unique individual level. She will deep dive into how you think and process ideas, how you can manifest the life you desire and guide you with strategies to support you in uplevelling your life, business and your soul gifts.


(payment plans available)

If what you have read so far intrigues you and makes your heart flutter...

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