Do not dim whatever comes naturally to you

Do not Dim whatever comes natural to you, whatever feels good to you in the given moment ~ permission slip given by Brittany Eastman

Pow that one line actually the whole 21minute video in our HD reader training about the identity centre has been the defining moment for me so far...

🤗 I have a gift of connecting with people.

🥰 I connect with people in a deep and personal way.

🤓 I see people where they are at.

🦎 I morph and change like a chameleon depending on what environment I am in.

🤠 On any given day I can be a flanny shirt, work boots, collect firewood gettin muddy girl

🔮 I can be in a floaty dress setting intentions with the new moon or cleansing crystals and releasing under the full moon

📺 I can spend the day in my PJs watching Mcleods Daughters eating chips and chocolate.

📝 I can be in a creative zone focussed on my business and what lights me up.

The point is I can be many things depending on the environment and how I feel when I get up in the morning.

My interests change all the time... friends or family I speak to often will confirm this.

One week I'm banging on about essential oils and the emotional uses, the next its the hikes on my wish list and which one I'm doing next, it could be human design and your energy type, profile number or authority, it could be the cabbage moths eating my brassicas honestly I am all over the shop! #chameleon

This permission slip is everything to me right now! I MORPH & CHANGE like a CHAMELEON depending on what environment I am in.

It has taken me 36 years to be able to accept, rather than question the many faces of Jess 😮 the way I change depending on who I am around, if I am loud or quiet, introverted or extroverted, doing nothing for days and then doing all of the things... I am no longer going to dim to fit in and neither should you💗

I am here to show people that it is ok to choose again. It is ok to change your mind.

If you could be given a permission slip what would it be? ~ We are all here for love and connection, for building momentum and progressing through life in whatever way looks and feels good to you right now in this moment. Next weeks moment might be different.

💗 Jess