Join the soul journey - community

I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and inviting you to join me on a soul journey as I share my truth and inner wisdom from my heart and spirit team. Together we will dive down the rabbit hole of all the things that are hot on my heart at the moment. Coming home to ourselves, creating beauty in our homes and places for ritual. Connecting with the moon and our cycles, we will connect in with our spirit guides and spirit animals, our human design energy types, strategy and profile numbers. We will go wherever we feel lit up or uncomfortable and navigate the adventure together. 

I don't know exactly what it looks like as you may have gathered from looking around my home on the web or insta or facie I morph and change all the time. I love adventures, I love getting my hands and feet in the dirt, I talk to the animals I mean any bird that appears is a sign right!!!

If you feel called to join me on the soul journey I would love to have you come along for the ride. It could be bumpy it could be long, it won't be boring and there will be hot drinks and snacks along the way.

My desire for creating this community is to provide a welcoming, safe, inclusive and nurturing space for women. We will learn, laugh, cry, unravel and ripple together. 

 My deepest passion and soul purpose is to guide women, nourish connections and awaken the essence of each unique soul.

So if this is speaking to you come along and join us here -