Be your divine self...

Currently in my healing space I offer Soul Guidance Healing's and the generous feedback I receive is that they are truly amazing.  


The healing works on all levels intuitively, but always include mental, physical, emotional and spiritual plane.


I use Aromatic Kinesiology, Massage, Reiki, Oracle cards and my own divine intuition and guidance.


During a session I firstly use Aromatic Kinesiology to determine what Essential oil you need emotionally at this point in time and how long you need to use it for. This may vary from a few days to a month, each session is completely different and uniquely yours.


Next after having made a connection to your energy, I then consult my Oracle cards, this card/cards are a validation of sorts generally connected to either your healing session or message for you.


Inner Light


"You have an inner light within you that is craving to be shared by those around you, by the world at large - but mostly by you. 

When you share your unique light, bit by bit, you light up the lives of those around you. 

And, one by one you inspire them to light up too. 

It's a chain reaction. 

And before long, the whole world lights up. 

Your light is contagious."





Join Me for a Soul Guidance Healing -$130

I saw Jess for the first time last week, I loved every second of my time with her, even if we were both teary at one point! Lol. I felt such a release, reconnected with myself and left in the best space I'd been in for months. Jess sent me home with an oil that I have been using daily and I've noticed a such change, using it every day reminds me to be conscious of my emotions and I've felt a true healing. I will definitely be back x 

- Hannah